Are you a busy landlord looking for Rental property management software?

Rental property management software is the perfect solution to your need as a landlord. With the aid of our professionals build an online Rental property management software on demand. The app and web are well suited for landlords to maintain properties and space rental. The Rental property management software is to back landlords like you and free you from all the issues related to management of your property. We help you create a very secure and personalised app to maintain details and accounts. Reminders about regular property management are an added advantage. You can monitor your property from afar with the app and web by you. We help you connect with your tenants via email and text in phone.

How is our Online Rental Software for Property Management  different from others in the market?

Peer to Peer Property Sharing

We propose this feature in our online rental management software for proprietors to allow you to generate income from your rental space by linking with your tenants.

Collaborative Business

As we maintain your reports of all the assets and liabilities, we help you generate financial reports. You can further use them for other business collaborations.

Small/Large Enterprises

Whether it is a single space or many we are there to support you. As you grow, we are verily ready to further customise cum update the app and web based on your need.

Standard Features Of Rental Property Software


Nearby Location


Real Time Live Tracking


Delivery Allocation


Enhanced Admin Panel




Similar Listings


Bulk Email Option


Payment Gateway




Advanced Filters


Advanced Reports


Cloud Storage


Easy To Customize


Social Media Integration




Coupons and offers


Google Map Integration


Arabic Language - RTL


Dispute Management


Site Info Settings


Responsive Website

Elucidations From us


You can upload product pictures, catalogue, descriptions, price, etc for your buyers to view and get the best buy. The app and website can be customised to your ideas.

Desi Mobile Apps

Native Mobile apps designed by us are an excellent deal for your personalised experience. It helps you define definite details for your app. It’s more like your well-defined space in your terms!

Rental Space

The Online Rental Space Management Software allows you to put up your property for rental or lease. When a suitable tenant is found you can manage it all via the app or web.

Location Enabled

When looking for a new tenant or when you have to send for people to your property, use the location enabled facilities to assist your need.

Space Listing

This is a boon to any landlord as you don’t have to look through documents to figure minor but yet important details. All your properties can be listed and custom sorted.

Fully Responsive

The technology used is up to date keeping the app and web much enhanced and fully responsive to meet all errands.

Advanced Filters

The usage of advanced filters makes encryption and decryption easy, also recording all requests. Thereby it is cost effective and requires low maintenance.

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution empowers landlords to use the app directly after the construction by our experts. It is quickly prepared to use upon execution and is intended to satisfy the customer's need.

Advanced Admin Dashboard

Any person can use the app easily as the advanced admin dashboard is highly intuitive and provides for a smooth navigation through the app or web.

Revenue Report

Accounting your revenues is a meagre job now with our Online Rental Management Software that comes handy for all your financial requirements.

Payment Gateway

You don’t have to meet your tenants in person to get your monthly rent. With our one tap option alongside Payment Gateway you can get your revenue in seconds.

Support and Security

Our Online Rental Management Software is reinforced with advanced security systems to safeguard your valuable details. We extend 24/6 support for all customer queries.

FAQ - Rental Property Management Software

One small space or a number of it, you can always update in the app and web as you grow. We are with you from scratch!
Financial reports can be easily generated with the aid of Drole. It saves you long hours of auditing your revenue manually.
Not necessarily, when there is any query or information from your tenant Drole alerts you via SMS and Email.
Your tenants can upload pictures or videos of your rental space at Drole. You can make a customised checklist and set up reminders for the same. When the work is done you can reset.
Drole updates are free and will be released every trimester, you can update the app if needed in-between as well
Drole is completely designed based on your pallet. We paint your dreams! It can be coded later for changes in the app or web too.
Payment Gateway paves the way for advanced transaction options. No matter how far you are the rent can be credited to your account and Drole sends you notifications when done.
In case of any issue in the app or web you can contact our readily available 24/6 support team. They will mend the cause.
Drole works on both Android and iOS thus making it accessible to a major segment. Native apps also give you a Desi feel about Drole.
It is huge for you to trust us with your important details about your properties. The advanced filters and reports ensure complete safety for all the information.

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