Best Dashboard

satventory has Best dashboard where reflect you business current situation

Total Income & Expense Current Year.

Cash Flow Income & Expense.

Account Balance

Income vs Expenses

Latest Transactions

Personal Event Calender

Employee Management

satventory has best employee manage tools. easily can manage all employee.

Employee Personal information

Contact & dependent Info

Assign job to employee

Set employee Salary

Set Supervisor & subordinate

Direct deposit

Employee Login


Manage daily office transactions. Easily create bank/cash accounts.

Create & manage chart of accounts

Report accounts Balance/Transaction

Handle Accounts Payable(A/P)

Handle Accounts Receivable(A/R)

Transaction: deposit/expense/transfer/(A/R)/(A/P)

Categories wise Transactions


Payroll Management

Payroll Module very easy to create your employee salary structure.

Salary Component (Earning/Deduction)

Pay Grade

Pension Fund(Fixed/percentage)


Fine Deduction

Employee Award Payment

Direct deposit

Notice Board and Event

Employee Notice Board and Event

Create Notice & Manage Notice

Create Event & Manage Event

Notice Published / Unpublished

Notice Will Display Employee Portal

Event Will Display Employee Portal

Office Holiday Handle

Yearly Holiday Create

Product & Services

There is Four kind of Product & Service you can add.

Inventory Product

Non-Inventory Product



Sales & Purchase

Easile create your desire language.

Create Sales Invoice/Quotation

Purchase Product from Vendor

Send, Received Money

Due, Over Due Payment

Send Invoice to Customer/Vendor

Return Purchase

Received Purchase Product

More Features

Satventory has lot of more feature for your business expect.

Employee Award

Set Weekly Office Holiday

Manage Personal Event Calender

What To-Do

Internal Mailbox (inbox/Outbox)

Company Info


Email Settings

Multi-Language Support

Easile create your desire language.

Add Any Language Required

Add Your Own Translations

Activate/Deactivate Languages

70++ Languages Available

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