Why do you need an Online Grocery Delivery Software?

Grocery Delivery Software is a one-step solution to avoid all the hubbub while shopping. We propound this on-demand online software fabricated with the latest technology by the best among the rest. Make what seems haywire easy with the finest delivery management system. Tie up with supermarkets to the kiosks and order online via web and apps. The Grocery E-commerce Software is easy to access designed to assist commoners. Also compare the cost of the grocery with the others and choose what best fits you. Grocery Delivery Software helps you save a lot of time organising the stocks and handling accounts is plain sailing than never before. We are here to design your dream!

How accessible is this On-Demand Grocery Software?

Latest Advanced Features

In our Online Grocery Delivery Software, we furnish the latest advanced features on par with the trend. When updates come your way, we do it for free! You can use the software in both web and as an app, we help you create your own personalised cloud with the assistance from our pros.

One-time Payment

You don’t have to bother about the stock management and accounts as we customise it for you. Your pilot is the best in the market so you can be assured of the best travel with us. Big things come in small packages like our one-time payment for all of this and more.

Standard Features Of Online Grocery Delivery Software

Nearby Location

Real Time Live Tracking

Delivery Allocation

Enhanced Admin Panel


Similar Listings

Bulk Email Option

Payment Gateway


Advanced Filters

Advanced Reports

Cloud Storage

Easy To Customize

Social Media Integration


Coupons and offers

Google Map Integration

Arabic Language - RTL

Dispute Management

Site Info Settings

Responsive Website

Solutions we provide for Grocery software

Whitelabel Solution

Whitelabel solutions are commonly completely incorporated and instant, which makes marketing exceptionally simple. As the affiliate, you'll be liberated from worries about expecting to invest energy and cash on research or advancement.

Native Mobile App

Native Mobile apps for Grocery Delivery provide interactive and intuitive customer owner relationships. It also clinches on a smaller number of bugs compared to other app developments.

One-time fee

No hidden charges as we offer all of this with a single payment. We ensure lifetime updates and the best services with the first and last payment.


We’ve got your back for any technical support in future. Our Techies are always verily present to answer any query or need.

Fully Responsive

The technology used is up to date keeping the app and web much enhanced and fully responsive to meet all errands.

Advanced Filters

The usage of advanced filters makes encryption and decryption easy, also recording all requests. Thereby it is cost effective and requires low maintenance.

Turnkey Solution

Reduced complete time during the legally binding procedure by having only one procedure rather than two separate ones. An apparently "lower cost" when incorporating "each one of" the components under one management.

Enhanced Admin Dashboard

In the past clients would invest enormous measure of energy checking on and investigating various reports to end in a last end. This Grocery Delivery Software uses enhanced admin dashboard which permits to see, initially, a general circumstance report of the information.

Advanced Reports

The usage of Advanced Reports allows for end to end encryption keeping the data safe from other competitors. The technology in our Online Grocery Delivery Software will remain hidden. It ensures the safety of the technology used in the fabrication of the app.

FAQ - Online Grocery Delivery Software

Drole Delivery Software is the elite app for your Drole Startup. It helps you link supermarkets and provide at home delivery for the orders placed via app or web saving a lot of time and energy.
Drole Grocery Delivery Software is coded to support users in the simplest way but yet offer high end features. It is compatible in both iOS and Android.
We offer updates almost every trimester and the update can be done for free. It doesn’t include any extra cost.
Drole Grocery Delivery Software is completely with open source codes and you can make code modifications on your own. Bug fixing due to modifications made by you comes at a price.
Surprisingly no! We understand the inevitable bug attacks on apps and web, our ciphers will resolve the case in a jiffy at zero price.
Multistore checkout allows for your customers to shop from different shops and yet place a single order and checkout.
Our support team is available 24/7 to adhere to your queries and extend immediate help. We have a well-equipped team to fulfil the cause.
From setting up of the website and app to all updates for a lifetime, support and bug fixing, we include it all for the single initial payment.
Yes, this website can be run on different browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.
There are no differences between the demo and the app while the app and web includes enhanced customised features as per the requirements from our clients.

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